Our highly qualified team performs the following services:

- Translations and legalizations of personal documents issued by the respective municipality.
- Specialized translations of Technical, Tender Documentation, and all types of Certificates of Quality, Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Analysis, etc. Translations of Maintenance and Repair Manuals, User Guides, and Warranties of all types of appliances, electronic devices and equipment.
- Accounting and economic documentation, Reports, Balance Sheets, Tax Statements.
- Company documentation, legal documentation, company correspondence, contracts, agreements, etc.
- Medical documentation - Medical Certificates, Epicrisis, Medical Conclusions, Medical History Reports, etc.
- Fiction, screenplays, newspaper publication materials, articles, scientific works, diploma thesis, etc.
- All types of personal correspondence, employment inquiries, CV's, Letters of Motivation, Employment Applications, Letters of Recommendation, etc.
- Bank documentation, Bank Guarantees, Bank References, etc.
- Translations of movies, educational films, documentaries, etc.

Our Company carries out legalization of all types of documents, which may be legalized by the relevant institutions of the Republic of Bulgaria. For information regarding the type of documents, which may successfully pass the legalization process, in order to be acknowledged as official documents in Bulgaria and abroad please contact us via the phone numbers or E-mail provided below. The terms for the completion of the legalizations vary from 2 to 10 business days depending on the document to be legalized and the speed you require.

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